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    Sky Gliding Xtrem

    Sky Gliding Xtrem is a company dedicated to free flight air services.

    • We offer hang gliding pilot courses.
    • We carry out informative-educational tandem flights.
    • We organize events in different parts of the Spanish territory such as towing courses in airfields for private individuals or clubs.
    • We offer our winch service to schools so that their students can practice.
    • We offer sales of new and used material.
    • We repair airplane equipment.
    • Maintenance of your hang glider.
    • If you want to come to fly in this area, we can offer you: handling of transport of your material from your place of origin up to here, pick up at airport, accommodation in 1st line beach in Benicassim, parking for your material, travel to our flight areas, pick up after your flight. When your stay is over we take you back to the airport.

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